• Fly or Die

    YEAR: 2010
    DURATION: 13 min

    Dean Potter continues his extreme vertical exploration, opening new freeBASE climbs, along with highline and wingsuit jumps in some of the most mind-blowing vertical footage ever captured.

  • Race for the Nose

    YEAR: 2011
    DURATION: 21 min

    Welcome to the wildest competition known to man -- the speed record on the Nose route of El Capitan. Yosemite legends Dean Potter and Hans Florine go head-to-head, racing up 3,000 feet of vertical rock in under three hours, risking life and limb. 

  • Sketchy Andy

    YEAR: 2011
    DURATION: 21 min

    'Sketchy' Andy Lewis takes the fledgling sport of slack-lining to new heights, performing aerial tricks like back-flips, BASEjumping off the line and even soloing highlines naked.

  • Honnold 3.0

    YEAR: 2012
    DURATION: 34 min

    Alex Honnold has gained as the boldest free soloist in the history of rock climbing. But in this dangerous game, how does he balance pure ambition with self-preservation? From highball boulder first ascents to 5.13 free solos, from far-flung trad climbing adventures to speed records on The Nose, Honnold wrestles with this question in preparation for his biggest adventure yet - the Yosemite Triple. In under 19 hours he climbs Mt. Watkins, El Cap, and Half Dome all by himself.

  • The Swiss Machine

    YEAR: 2010
    DURATION: 20 min

    Ueli Steck tells stories of his record-breaking ascents in the Alps and joins Alex Honnold in Yosemite to attempt speed record there.

  • Dodo's Delight

    YEAR: 2016
    DURATION: 29 min

    Pack your penny whistle and batten down the hatches for a madcap sailing adventure in the Arctic Circle aboard the good ship Dodo’s Delight. Join Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll, Ben Ditto, and brothers Nico and Olivier Favresse for a rollicking musical journey across open seas and up unclimbed big walls.