Presentation by Eric Becker

In May of 2015 we embarked on a journey to a remote peak in the Canadian Yukon that was first climbed by Robert Kennedy and Jim Whittaker. My initial intention was to make a short film detailing our adventure. But even before the climb, stories began to emerge that would weave a narrative spanning 50 years. In this talk, I'll detail some of the behind scenes stories, characters, and raw materials that went into creating the feature-length documentary Return to Mount Kennedy. 

Eric Becker is an Emmy Award-winning director based in Seattle. His work seeks to create an emotional connection between the viewer and subject through intimate, authentic portraiture and storytelling. His pieces have been seen in festivals, on television, and online. He is the founder and owner of We Are Shouting, a commercial production company in Seattle that provides work to a range of clients both domestic and international, including Amazon, Nike, Skanska, Phase One, and Timex. Eric’s documentary work strives to communicate issues of social justice, conservation, and human rights. He most recently directed two episodes of MTV’s Rebel Music.

Special Guest Eric Becker


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