Nina Williams

Nina Williams at the 2019 Calgary Mountain Film FestivalNina Williams is a professional climber based in Boulder, Colorado USA. She started climbing at 12 years old, focusing on competition into her early twenties, before moving West for more mountainous terrain. She developed her outdoor resume traveling to world-class areas in the United States, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, and Brazil.

After accomplishing difficult bouldering grades upwards of V13, Nina shifted her attention towards the mental style of the sport. She has bouldered 30-50ft formations with ascents such as Evilution Direct (V11), Ambrosia (V11), and Too Big to Flail (V10) in Bishop, CA. She also expanded into traditional climbing after her first visit to Yosemite, testing herself on The Final Frontier (5.13b) on Fifi Buttress and Father Time (5.13b) on Middle Cathedral.

Nina seeks a balance between hard bouldering, alpine trad, and keeping up with her studies at the University of Colorado. In her spare time, she enjoys a good cup of coffee and hanging out with her pet hedgehog, Ms. Frankie Von Quillsbury.

As human beings we often engage in activities that test our minds, as well as our bodies, in environments that are equal parts safe and stressful. We strive to push ourselves while remaining in comfort zones that ultimately hold us back. How can we expand those zones?

AT CMFF: In her presentation, Nina will identify the conflicting mindsets and discuss how to balance fear with fortitude. She will highlight parallels between lessons in climbing and life, introducing methods of core communication that you may try for yourself.

DATE: October 26, 2918 
SHOW: Nina Williams + Climbing Films



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