South of Summer

South Of Summer - Calgary Mountain Film Festival

Golden Based Filmmakers 
DIRECTORS: Matt Ruta & Valerio Arquint
ORIGIN: Canada
YEAR: 2019
DURATION: 19 min

In the Fall of 2018, unprofessional skiers Matt Ruta and Valerio Arquint went to South America to immerse themselves in beautiful lines and first descents throughout the Andes. But with a shoestring budget, next to no beta and even less of a plan, pulling it off was easier said than done.

Calling either Golden BC based adventure skier Matt Ruta, or Swiss skier and paraglider Valerio Arquint a “Director” is charitable at best. Armed with a few hundred dollars worth of camera gear, they co-created South of Summer, which is their first film together, as well as both of their first films period.

South of Summer Matt Ruta